30 Day Business Reboot to finish 2019 stronger than ever

Every September when my kids head back to school, I am always inspired to make improvements in my life and my business.  I am kick-starting my health routine after a summer of bbq’s, entertaining and rose’. No regrets, what are summers for? I am doing the Whole30 program to get back on track and jump start my healthy way of life.  30 days of clean eating always helps me get back on track and feel more inspired. This is also true for my business.  

What would a 30 day reboot look like to your business?  Not a complete overhaul, that is too hard to sustain. But what if you took a  few consistent baby steps to focus on recharging your business with small changes in habits and business routines.  What would that look like at the end of 30 days? or better yet at the end of 2019? Can you imagine if you ended 2019 with receipts for every transaction? Or your checking account perfectly reconciled? Or your expenses and income classified correctly and ready to hand off to your CPA in January? Yes, it is possible.  

Big changes can be created with consistent baby steps. Join me on my 30 day challenge to take  a few baby steps that will result in habits that will help you improve your business. I plan to add one new daily habit each week.  No more than 15 minutes a day. After 30 days, these new habits will have my business on track to finish the year in better shape than ever before.

Week 1: Implement Morning routine

Read 15 minutes of a business book-each morning before I jump into the chaos of the day

My list of books keeps getting longer and longer and I never find the time to tackle the list.  Let me rephrase this, I never “make” the time to tackle the list. Just 15 minutes a day will propel me forward, even if it is only 15 minutes a day. This could be 5-6 books by the end of the year!!!  I am currently reading Gino Wickman’s book Rocket Fuel. Great book about the Visionary/Integrator relationship. Day 2 and I already feel more motivated.

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