Easy Steps to Start Managing your Bookkeeping

Small business ownership and bookkeeping have to go hand in hand. Sorry for the reality dose but all businesses have to take control of their bookkeeping either by doing it themselves or hiring someone to do it. This is often something that gets put on the back burner because business owners are busy trying to make money and are not even sure where to start.
The result is that many are swimming in financial overwhelm. If this is you, grant yourself some grace. You are not alone. Once you start a business, money is going out in every direction and hopefully money is coming in as well. What to do with all of these receipts, bills and emails? Is that your burning question that causes you to ignore the subject for another day or week or even month? Unfortunately, this won't solve the problems. Come January, you will have to face it and it will then be a much bigger problem. Like any issue it is better to address it when it is little mole hill rather than a large mountain or...
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