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We’re deeply committed to ensuring that small businesses have the support they require.

President Donald J. Trump

I can’t help but ponder this statement and the reality of what 3 weeks makes. Let’s take a look at the reality for real small businesses like myself, my clients and local businesses that we all know and love.


The Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP), was highly touted as a program for small businesses to get money for 2 months of payroll + a little extra for rent and utilities.  Although these funds would be initiated as a loan, the loan would be forgiven if at least 75% of the funds were used for payroll. Yeah, finally help for the businesses that really need it. Small businesses get to keep their employees employed and pay some of their overhead costs. Too good to be true?  I was skeptical at first but did tons of research and determined that it was in fact real and my clients were eligible!


As the owner of Local Ledgers LLC,...

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