Bring on 2021!

Bookkeeping is not everyone's jam


so we created the


Cash Clarity Workbook


With this workbook you can enter basic info about what you sell and what you spend. 

The workbook populates this information into financial reports automatically


Watch it update with every new transaction


Imagine if you could...

  • have a plan to manage business finances
  • get updating your bookkeeping off your to-do list
  • know your business numbers without feeling overwhelmed
  • know where you were spending your money 
  • know what products or services were making the most money

4 Simple Steps

to magically turn your transactions into financial reports that speak your language and empower you to love the numbers that  represent your progress in your business

Enter Your Expense Categories 



We will walk you through how to choose




Enter Your Payment Sources

(how do customers pay you)

How do you get paid:





Enter Each




Who you paid

What you bought 

How much


Enter Monthly



We will show you how to pull these numbers from some common sources



Listen to Us Talk About The Cash Clarity Workbook on The Dreams to Plans Podcast


What's Included?

  • Cash Clarity Workbook Template

    A spreadsheet that populates with your business information and numbers without any number crunching by you.


  • Workbook Training Video

    A short video that gives you a tour of how to use the spreadsheet and the process that you can watch as many times as needed

  • Bonus Checklists

    We give your our Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Bookkeeping Tasks Checklist and a Terminology Cheat Sheet (So you always know what those Jargony bookkeeping terms mean!)

  • 3 Mini Finance Trainings

    Each week for 3 weeks after you purchase, you will get an email with a short easy to understand video that will teach you even more about your numbers 

  • Access to Group Coaching Calls 

    Monthly Ask My Accountant Group Coaching Calls to ask any of your  Questions! Enjoy access for 12 months! 


  • Help Desk Support

    Easy access to our help desk to get answers to your questions when you have them.


Free Tribe Community Access

Join our Free Community for Bookkeeping Tips, Tricks and Training (No Purchase Necessary to Join!)




Is this for you?

Yes, for sure

If you are a business owner who:

  1. knows that you need to maintain your bookkeeping but the whole idea of figuring it out is SO overwhelming
  2. is stressed out about not knowing how much they are actually making in their business.
  3. wants to make this the year that they actually understand what these numbers mean and how they can empower them to grow
  4. wants to take their business to the next level
  5. doesn't want to spend $300+/yr on software that they don't know how to use
  6. has less than 75 transactions per month
  7. doesn't have employees


everyone has them

Where do I Even Start?

We've got you, with:

  • Simple Instructions
  • A complete video tour
  • A spreadsheet that magically calculates your profit & loss with each entered transaction


What if I am not good with numbers?

We believe that are not good with numbers "YET"- just enter each transaction as it occurs with:

  1. The date
  2. Who you paid
  3. What you bought
  4. The amount you paid

The spreadsheet will do the rest of the magic


Are there Any Hidden Costs?





For a one time price of $97 you get a template that you can copy and use every year to manage your finances!



Benefits to Using the

Cash Clarity Workbook

  • You can stop wasting time trying to figure out what to track and where to record your business expenses
  • There is no need for expensive software - saving you $300+ per year
  • This is a reusable template - so you can copy it year after year
  • Your profit & loss statement calculates for you
  • You are tax ready on the spot - your tax preparer will be so impressed
  • There is also a mileage tracker included - make sure to write off mileage expenses!

$5 from Every Purchase goes to the



helping women attain economic self-sufficiency through the creation and growth of profitable and sustainable businesses.

As a small business owner this spreadsheet gives me peace of mind in my business! It is so easy to follow even though I have never used a spreadsheet before in my life, and actually makes keeping track of your numbers fun! So thankful for this spreadsheet and the feeling of control that it has given me. Thank you so much for creating an awesome product! 


A Solution To  Bookkeeping Stress

Cheers to magically transforming your transactions

into reports that will help you run your business

like the boss that you are for a one time fee of


Have Questions before Purchasing? Click the Help Desk Icon in the Bottom Right Corner and tell us how we can help!

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I founded Local Ledgers, I found the perfect blend between numbers and small businesses. 


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