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Get Clean

Clean-Up Service:


Maybe you’ve fallen behind and all you really need is a review, reconciliation or a general clean-up. When your books are all up to date and reconciled you will feel AMAZING! It’s like a day at the spa for your books! This work is done on an hourly basis, with an agreed upon “not to exceed” cap. Once we dive in, we’ll be able to give you a solid idea of the full scope of the work needed.

Manage your own books - Learn How

Virtual Training and Quickbooks Online Setup;


f you’re looking to do your own books, but need help getting set up, we provide 1:1 training sessions via Zoom using screen shares that are recorded for your ongoing reference.

We’ll set up your company in QBO, establish a chart of accounts, connect your bank feeds, set up rules and customized invoices; then teach you how to maintain your books, reconcile accounts, invoice customers and track your income.

Why We Do What We Do?


Simple, we believe in art! We believe everyone has a story to tell and we want to help guide people in showcasing their stories in public!

Share your designs. Get feedback.


We have a massive online community. Join over 10,000 active forum members.


AND Here’s The Best Part…

We do this all through our online training so you get to work at your own pace.

“It’s honestly such an amazing feeling to wear my art everyday”


With Print Academy, Janice M. has sold 25 original designs.


Guides To Help

All the information you need it broken down step-by-step in our awesome guides. All of your questions will be answered.

High Quality Materials

We use the finest cotton, sourced from the Himalayas. You can definitely feel the difference in quality.

People Love Us

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Find out how to set up your own print studio in 30 minutes



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